Happening now – expopharm Düsseldorf –
infin is there again


expopharm is one of the most important events in the pharmaceutical industry and of course infin will be there this year as well. It takes place in Düsseldorf between September 30th and October 3rd.
Meet us there!

infin has a lot of exciting news to share, the infin-PharmaServices being one. This service enables our partners to send specific information via fax to more than 20.000 pharmacies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Effectively and purposefully.

infin-PharmaServices is so attractive for many reasons. By using our service, pharmacists can assure better examinations based on the information provided and this of course helps patients too. Companies which use infin-PharmaServices benefit from higher sales.

We’ll be happy to tell you all about this and other news at expopharm! The infin team expects plenty of interesting meetings and is anxious to find out and discuss the new developments and innovations on the market.



www.artencounters.ro – Powered by infin

aetsmallWe like contemporary art, we love Timisoara so it was really easy for us to say ‘yes’ to getting involved with this project.

Art Encounters is an independent cultural institution founded in 2015, mainly aiming at supporting and encouraging the contemporary art in Romania. The Foundation’s projects include promoting the contemporary artistic production, organizing exhibitions, publishing art books and albums, supporting art and culture institutions.

infin created the website and will continue to develop and maintain it. We are happy to be part of this initiative and we’ll be supporting Art Encounters. Visit www.artencounters.ro and get involved!

Din dorința de a promova arta și cultura în Timișoara, a fost inițiat un proiect de anvergură, Fundația Art Encounters.  Acesta își propune să aducă un plus de culoare și de deschidere în cotidianul timișorean prin scoaterea în evidență a importanței artei din diverse domenii pentru cultura, istoria și identitatea unui spațiu.

Pentru o astfel de inițiativă este nevoie de mulți parteneri în multe domenii. Suntem mândri că infin-Research&Development poate pune la dispoziție know-how-ul și tehnologia necesară pentru a promova acest proiect și evenimentele care se vor desfășura în cadrul acestuia pe plan local, național și internațional.

Poate că nu puteți participa la toate acțiunile culturale ale fundației, însă începând de azi puteți urmări activitatea Timișoara Art Encounters online. Dați-vă întâlnire cu arta!

GamesCom – Bigger and Better

Another GamesCom ended and our impression is it’s getting bigger and better every year. It is a must of the industry and we’ve enjoyed it a lot. Many meetings, lots of networking and great parties: what’s not to like?

We got some great feedback from our partners and we’re very happy our services are so appreciated. One feature seems to stand out the most and that is the way we maintain the business relationships with our partners. They value the fact they have an Account Manager, a Technical Account Manager and a Support Specialist right from the start and they answer any inquiries within two hours.

From the talks we’ve had it seems merchants prefer more and more to add local, specialized payment solutions. And infin-Payment is viewed as one of the best partners for Call payments and also as a specialized provider of mobile payments in the German speaking countries.


As the technical capacities are always short, everybody is thrilled to find out about the intuitive integration of infin-Payment, with a single process for all methods, countries and price points. Yes, you’re reading this right: an integration that can be successfully completed in one working day.

If you’ve missed us at GamesCom, you’ll probably get a chance to see our teams at DevGAMM and GameConnection. Or simply get in touch with us for more information.

Looking Back on 2015

A good year! Looking back on 2014, we can’t help but feel proud. All our products have registered growth compared to last year, but we have our winners. infin-MassenFax had the biggest growth in terms of volume (28%), with infin-Email as a close second (19%). In number of new partners, infin-Payment is our champion, followed by infin-PremiumRateNumbers and infin-MassenFax.
Our teams have travelled quite a lot this year, visiting events and partners. We’ve shared news, updates and started many promising projects.

At the request of our merchants, infin-Payment re-launched the SMS subscriptions and then followed up with the new Call subscriptions.  infin-MassenFax is now even more user-friendly, as it accepts SAP integrations and comes with big improvements in the fax-sending quality and an increased speed, as we’ve upgraded our capacities. The development team of infin-Email kept busy and improved the intelligent email sending, reaching the best acceptance rate and optimal penetration even for biggest email volumes.

As the holidays are only a few days away, may you all have a white and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 2015, come on! You’ll be awesome!


Servicii profesionale de gazduire web si e-mail.
Panou de control cPanel, interfata de suport online bazat pe tichete, telefon si e-mail.

Cea mai buna varianta pentru gazduirea paginii dumneavoastra web –
si asta din 2005.

Aplicatii Web

Aplicatii web bazate pe tehnologie open source (Apache, PHP, MY SQL)
Portaluri de informatii, magazine online, dealeri auto, ONG-uri si portaluri specializate.

Web design individualizat.

Sisteme de plata

Perfect pentru plati in cadrul jocurilor online, pentru servicii premium, documentatii etc.

Posibilitate de plata prin: telefon fix, telefon mobil, SMS, card de credit.

15 ani infin – Research & Development

movedLe suntem recunoscatori tuturor colegilor nostri, atat celor care ne-au fost alaturi de-a lungul timpului, cat si celor cu care continuam aventura noastra si fara de care aceasta “longevitate” nu ar fi fost posibila.
In egala masura, dorim sa le multumim tuturor clientilor nostri, trecuti si prezenti, pentru increderea acordata in toti acesti ani.